Scripts & Code


Analyze Backup History

Analyze Missing Indexes

Analyze Plan Cache

Check Untrusted Constraints

Convert image Columns

Convert text and ntext Columns

Deprecated Feature Usage (description post)

Drop and Create Dependent Foreign Key Constraints

Dump Database Page

Dump extended event session file target (description post)

Dump System Health Session

Dump Transaction Log Backup (description post)

Failed Jobs

Find Heap Tables

Find Non-Unique Tables

Find Query Plans Containing Parallelism

Find Table Dependencies

Find Tables with Single-Column PK, but no Default Constraint

Find Unattached Database Files (description post)

Index Columns Per Table

Index Physical Stats Per Table

Index Usage Stats

Instance Latch Stats

Instance Wait Stats

Jobs with No Notifications

Remove Bad Self-Referencing Foreign Keys

Server Logins & Roles

Server Physical Stats

Set All Database Recovery Models

Show Database File Sizes

Set up deadlock extended event session (description post)

Show tempdb File and Usage Information

Show waiting tasks

Shrink Log Files